Rihanna (artist) – Website

I created my website by using weebly.com I chose this platform because of its extremly user friendly interface. Although it didn’t give me that much freedom in organizing the pages, I managed to create a simple, minimalist website, just enough in order for it to correlate to my other two task – the digipak and the music video.

For designing my website, I used photos from Tumblr.com and her actual website, rihannanow.com. I kept the same colour palette as for the other two tasks. I added the colour cyan on the front page and on the about page as this colour fits with a a series of photos she has and also with the dark themed background.  On the homepage, the header has the artist’s name on and a link to the music page when the “out now” text is clicked. Scrolling down the page, the latest music video (“Higher”) follows. On the bottom of the page, all social networking sites on which Rihanna is connected to are present. As I have said before, it isn’t a very complex website, because people are now following the artist on social media and get their information faster and easier than entering the website on a regular basis for the latest news. This is the reason I only added the most necessary pages, so that people have their information gather on this one website, rather than searching everywhere for it. This includes the following pages: About (biography), Music (discography), Tour (dates and photos) and Store (a re-direct link accessing her real brand store). Because Rihanna herself is collaborating with Puma, I added an extra Fashion page where people can find about her latest work and a gallery from her latest fashion show, all containing links to the real Puma store.

To access the website please click the following link: http://rihanna-now.weebly.com/