“Anti” – Digipak

For my digipak, I used Adobe Illustrator. My idea was having a bold visual piece. I have managed to do this by contrasting colours – black and white, and adding the red. The black and white is used to visually describe the mixed feelings she is going through. Red is the colour the word “anti” transmits. Because I didn’t want my digipak to be too loaded I decided to stick with one bold visual piece on the front cover – the face people see first. The double layered picture is made from two layers, one coloured, one black and white (with opacity at 70%). The layers are shifted to create the blurry feeling and make people look twice in order to understand what is going on. The purpose of the golden textured shape is to illustrate the shift between the layers. Because this one thing was enough to attract the audience, I kept the rest classic with the track list, bar codes and credits on the back cover and a simple design of the CD on the inside. I also added the track list on the inside for functionality purposes – easier to access the track list and then, select the desired song. I used the shot illustrating the fireplace taken from the music video, again, too show these mixed feelings of the character. The bold font is used to express this strong connotation of the word “Anti”.


Here are some screenshots of the process:

For the font I used dafont.com and in the end, settled with “Evogoria”, because I founded it to be the most appropiate.  I also wanted to create a different background in Photoshop, but, as I’ve said before, because I already have the bold visual piece on the cover, I decided to use a simple white coloured background.