“Higher” – Music video


General idea: The video shows an independent woman – which is visible from her aspect (clothes, make-up, accessories) who has experienced a recent heartbreak, but she is still standing strong, managing to keep it together with a little alcohol and some cigarettes through the night.

Technical aspects: My music video is very classic. There isn’t much technical challenge because I wanted to keep it clean. As i chose to do an illustrative music video, I wanted the audience to focus on the lyrics of the song. This is the reason why the shots and the entire montage aren’t something complex. The colour choice is black and white because it expresses the phase she is going through right after the break-up. Also, the grayish tints tend to change to show the passage of time (different hours – different lighting). The video is mostly based on close-ups and blurs to omit the male gaze and in order to establish an emotional connection with the audience and engage them into the music video and the song. In order to set the atmosphere I added in the beginning and also at the end a fireplace sound. I used the “barn door” transition to stick with the classical style. The red colour of the credits is representative for the name of the album and even Rihanna herself. The font used for the title of the song is italic because it fits this “vintage” theme. Meanwhile, the artist’s name is bold; representative for her personality.



Here are some photos taken from before and during filming: