Postmodern characteristics

The main characteristic of my music video will be the text-reader relationship, formed throughout a non-linear narrative story. This is because the character displays the sadness and sorrow after a break-up, also accompanied by its specific lyrics. While this is a very common part in each person’s life (everybody has been through a really bad break-up), the viewers (readers) feel for the character when they see the video and how she deals with it (alcohol and cigarettes).

  • Rhetorical devices used: 

Hyperbole is present in my work through the lyrics, e.g. “you take me higher than I’ve ever been” , “you light my fire” (also a metaphor). They are exaggerations she uses in order to express this love she’s feeling towards an ex-partner.

Allusion happens in the moments she drinks and smokes to give this hint to the audience that she is drunk and brokenhearted. In a real life situation, people do use these “techniques” to try and forget a break-up, so this is why they will associate the props with her state.

Pathos is related to how a media text uses emotions and feeling to attract its audience. My music video shows a broken relationship, a moment every person passes through, it’s just an example illustrated on a screen for a whole mass so that they can relate to.