Empty whiskey bottle – it shows the fact that she got drunk so she wouldn’t think about her relationship anymore

Glass + ice cubes – because she is classy, she didn’t directly drink from the bottle, but she used the fancier way of a glass with ice cubes

Cigarettes – a habit she (the actual singer) has and shows in almost every music video done by now

Armchair – the set is classy, moreover she rests there for a long time and she has to be comfortable; this prop, together with the setting and the style of the song creates a vintage vibe

Fireplace – there to offer a calm feeling, as the protagonist is drunk and thus not necessarily very agitated about the situation she is going through

Mobilephone – for the scene in which she decides to call her ex and used to show the time she is calling him eventually

Ashtray – to show how gradually the cigarette butts build up somewhere as the habit of smoking turned into a way to calm herself in stressful situations