Target Audience

Nowadays, music videos tend to be more and more aesthetic, involving or sort of props which are attractive to a younger audience, the most popular probably being bling, money and drugs; the older generation isn’t interested in these modern artsy music videos, but just in the music itself (sometimes not even that because of the genre of the song). This is why I did not feel the need to create a target audience questionnaire. I knew that youth will be interested in what the music video has to offer.

My main and only character would be the actual singer, a woman. In these modern days, women empowerment is becoming very popular throughout any kind of media products. This is really important for any female watching. In my music video, I will still create the stereotypical  too emotionally attached woman character which misses her ex-boyfriend and drunk calls him, but with a few cigarettes and some whiskey, she can manage it in the end and go through it as the independent woman she is. This state of independance is not necessarily recognized through her attitude towards the breakup, but through the setting and mise-en-scene. The video will present her, alone, in a house – this connotes that the house is hers only, therefore you have this independence. Moreover, the way she will be dressed – classy, modern and expensive-looking will also create this concept about her. This is important for women all over to show that they can manage by themselves, they don’t need a partner to achieve in life and so it subverts the stereotype of women in general (fragile, need a man by their side, dependent).