Websites -research- and are the websites I chose as an example in terms of style and appearance for the website I will have to design. They both look like blogs, easy to navigate throughout the pages and to find information. Also, this is a modern situation as many internet users now have personal blogs on different themes, like Tumblr or WordPress. Both sites have in common the home, news, videos, music, photos, tours and store buttons, together with the links to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube. Before entering on Rihanna’s homepage, there is a pop-up promoting her latest collection. This is a marketing strategy to and make the audience more curious through this eye-popping ad. When you enter the actual site, the homepage includes only photos which when clicked direct you to the news page. The Weekend’s homepage is a scroll down page with some of the site’s other pages (on which you can find only few information); when clicked, it also directs you to that specific page. In addition to these buttons, Rihanna’s website is more complex and includes a variety of other links, such as fashion, charity, bio, fragrance and stance socks – a shopping site on which you can find her own clothing line, different from the official merchandise). On both sites you can sign up in order to get a newsletter with the latest updates and info. On the other hand, even though they both have links to Youtube, The Weeknd has more links to streaming applications, like Spotify and Soundcloud. Besides YouTube, Rihanna only has Vevo. Moreover, from The Weekend’s website you can share on Tumblr, a platform which Rihanna doesn’t have a direct link to.