9 frame analysis

For my A2 major task I chose a song which genre is Contemporary R&B and Pop. In order to see how different genres influence the making of a music video, I analysed 3 genres: Pop, Contemporary R&B and ’10s Alternative.

“Let me love you” – Ariana Grande – Pop – Symbolic (Conceptual) Music Video :

This song, even though it resembles a modern ballad, its genre is still Pop. The music video puts a lot of accent on her face; this is why all most frames include her face. Techniques like focus pull, blurry image and the shot from behind the window create that “passionate” vibe of the song and help to maintain the main focus on her (cannot distinguish a clear background). Along with these close-ups the details, such as accessories, make-up, clothing and even light, are given more importance than in other music videos. It also gives the impression of someone (e.g. a lover) always filming her. Some shots involve lip-syncing. The colour palette is the same throughout the whole music video in neutral shades with a few accents of red (on the lips) and white (accessories), just to reduce a bit the monotonicity. The credits in the last frame are very simple and short, thus fitting with the whole music video.


“7/11” – Beyonce – Contemporary R&B – Narrative Disjunction/Conceptual Music Video:

This song is a bit more energetic. Many of the shots are repetitive and like in the previous example, it looks like she filmed herself – the curved lines in the margins of the shot resemble a fish-eye look. There is also a shot in which you can definitely see she used a selfie-stick to film herself. It still shows the singer in different locations dancing and singing (choreography and lip-sync). This time, the music video illustrates not only her, but more girls, which seem to be her friends, having fun with her. Again, the costumes play an important role in the video as in almost each frame it’s another one. On 2 of the dancers’ shorts you can read “smack it” – a lyrics from the song. In the 4th and last frame she keeps some gracious positions which fit well with the whole location and lyrics. Her very unusual choice of outfit in the last frame- a cap with a crown, a Playboy sweatshirt and some Marvel yoga pants, accessorized with a heavy gold chain, together with the shot of her in front of the enormous Christmas tree, make the music video look odd and a bit senseless – just like the lyrics which don’t really have a specific message. There is a colour shift from softer shades like the gray and the white to some heavy gold and brown backgrounds, connoting her “greatness”.


“Pompeii” – Bastille – ’10s Alternative – Narrative Amplification Music Video:

This music video is done in a totally different way compared to the others 2. From the beginning you can observe wider shots. The way the name of the song and band are presented, also the font style, give it a modern and unique look. The video illustrates the story of the last remaining normal human being in a city that “was lost” (according to the lyrics). His adventure is presented through these wide shots as the location is always changing, so it gives the audience a sense of space and time as he runs away. Close-ups have been used very few times, such as for showing the characters’ alien eyes and for a some moments in which he was lip-syncing. Also, only the actual singer was featured in the music video, not the whole band (didn’t include shots in which they were performing). This is because they wanted to stick to the story. The shots are very well framed and very aesthetic. The colours are still in neutral tones with few pops of colour here and there.