As it is normal to be open-minded to last minute changes, we had to adapt to the production process and this is what we have done:

Characters – “Hailey”, the protagonist’s lover, wasn’t available for filming anymore and so, Mara, who is part of our production crew, and also friends with the main character’s actress was most suited to play this role. This wasn’t a problem, it was actually really good to have someone who already knew what is going on and how we wanted it to look like. Also, we decided that the mother’s voice was not that relevant and we stick only with the sound of the opening door; the narration of the protagonist is descriptive enough for the situation.

We modified the script; the narration of the main character was written again, this time more profound and closely linked to the shots, in order for the audience to understand the story.

Lastly, we found a much more appealing way to combine the shots and in the end it turned out to show our vision of the film opening better than the moodboard we created in the beginning. Their order was slightly changed and some were cut and inserted in between others.

It wasn’t a surprise that our production suffered these kind of changes, but we were able to managed it well and we are proud of our accomplishment.