The first flashback location is Cetatuie, a popular place in Cluj, where you can see the whole city. The sunsets are visible there and it would give a sense of romance to the story. We will film a shot in which they are holding hands while looking at the sunset. No one else will be in the shot so it will highlight the intimacy.


The second flashback shot will be filmed in one of the parks in Cluj, The Central Park. They will be seen in a hammock hugging each other. The sun will be shining and they will be glowing. This is one of their happy times so the weather is important in order to inspire that.


The last shot flashback is with them under a blanket, looking at each other. The characters are again happy, because all the flashbacks need to show them having a real relationship. This scene is put the last in order to show how close they are and how pure is their love. Here is an example taken from “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”:


The shot in which they are shown fighting will be special because it will be filmed under neon lights. We will use different colours to emphasise different emotions. The background will be dark and not visible and we will film it in a friend’s room, because she has lights attached to her bed’s ceiling. Example:







The last shots (the scenes of Leyla in bed sobbing) will be filmed in the protagonist’s actual room, because we want it to be personal and it also fits our vision.