9 Frame Analysis

I chose to analyze “Room”, a 2015 production which i have seen recently. The film opening jumps directly into the story. It is misterious, displaying different cuts. They show the environment in blurry shots, then it gradually presents a general view of the room and the characters. The writing in the beginning is small and classic, connoting seriousnes. This gives a hint about the narrative. Also, the opening sequence is narrated by the child. I found this intro relevant for our production, because we also want to start with different cuts (flashbacks), jumping right into the story, which also describes a serious problem we face in the society nowadays.

The colours are dark tones of brown and grey to convey the seriousness of the story. The only light-coloured part is the frame in which they present the only source of light – the window. This means that the outside world, is much more free and delightful than their actual lifestyle.

Here is my 9 frame project: image